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About Apisal

We are exposed to many factors that may harm our health through our nose. Nasal Hygiene and rinsing is highly essential in order to prevent allergies, colds, rhinitis and sinusitis, and is recommended with the use of other ENT treatments.


Isotonic saline nasal irrigation or spray solutions such as APISAL® are considered the most effective methods for the treatment of rhinosinusitis, allergic rhinitis and nasal congestion. Treatment guidelines in USA, Canada and U advocates use of nasal irrigation and spray.


Amman Pharmaceutical Industries API developed APISAL® nasal drops in 1991 to be the leading nasal saline solution in the market helping in the treatment of nasal congestion and dryness for both infants and adults.

Today, APISAL® is a recognized brand in Jordan and MEA region and is the leading brand in its category. It is highly trusted by specialists, doctors and pharmacist and widely used by patients everywhere for its excellent quality, efficacy and safety.

APISAL® JET spray products were recently introduced to the market and developed based on the innovative BOV technology to continue our promise of providing quality products with the highest efficacy to our patients and healthcare speciality.

  • Bag On Valve technology (BOV) is a superior aerosol dispensing technology, with modern packaging that improves nasal spray delivery.
  • Compared to traditional aerosol spray technologies BOV technology has superior benefits regarding quality, performance and safety.